Water & Wastewater

Steel Pipe Systems Water and Wastewater

Alvenius’ quick-coupled steel pipe systems are developed for the future water & wastewater installations. Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are suitable for permanent and temporary installations for raw water, drinking water and wastewater.

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Ideal for drinking water

Thanks to the CorroFlo® coating, the Alvenius FlowMax® system is ideal for transporting drinking water. The surface coating complies to all hygiene specification requirements plus it effectively prevents internal build-up
in the pipes.

The CorroFlo® coating is approved for distribution of drinking water all over the world, the pipes are diffusion-proof and approved for usage in contaminated areas.

Reliable pipes with long durability

The high strength steel and the very resistant CorroFlo® coating ensures a pipe system with high dependability and durability.

The flexible couplings allow some deflection and takes up vibrations or temperature fluctuations which eliminates the risk of leakage in joints.

Quick and easy installation

The low weight of the FlowMax®pipes and the quick couplings ensures the system is installed quick, easy and without any preparatory work.

No special tools, no special training needed, no welding involved – considerable installation time is saved, as there is no need for cooling and X-raying of welding.

A future proof water and wastewater system

It is easy to design and dimension a water and wastewater system with Alvenius FlowMax® system that allows for future expansion or for an expected increase of flow requirement. The system is dimensioned for high pressure and have low flow resistance.

Alvenius Flowmax® system provides the lowest possible life cycle cost and energy saving thanks to larger inner diameter and the surface coating CorroFlo® gives lower system losses.

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