Victaulic® couplings

Victaulic® couplings are used with Alvenius FlowMax®pipes.

Victaulic® Original Groove System (OGS) for dimensions up to 323 mm (12″) and
63 bar. Victaulic®Advanced Groove System (AGSTM) for dimensions 355-610 mm (14″-24″) and 25 bar.

The couplings are available as flexible and rigid. Flexible means that the coupling allows some deflection and takes up vibrations or temperature fluctuations. Rigid means that the coupling is completely rigid and equivalent to a welded joint.

Special couplings are available for even higher pressures.

Product display of Victaulic® couplings

Alvenius K10/K70 Couplings

Alvenius K10/K70 couplings are used with Alvenius K10 pipes. The couplings are in metric standard for pressures up to 40 bar.

The K10 couplings are flexible and can handle angles up to 4°.
The K70 couplings are hinged for even faster and more flexible assembly – only a single bolt needs to be tightened.

Product display of Alvenius K10 / K70 koppling

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