Pipe fittings

Short pipes

The Alvenius system stocks pipes in standard lengths of 6m (5.8m for export in containers), 3m, 2m, 1m, 0.6m and 0.2m. In addition, we can supply surface-coated pipes in special lengths on request.



Alvenius can provide valves to suit your system. Gate valves and butterfly valves are available for direct connection with quick couplings.

Through our collaborative partners, we can offer all types of special valves at competitive prices.


Reducers and end caps

Reducers are used to connect pipes of different diameter.

A wide selection of reducers of different dimensions and reducers with threaded outlets are included in the standard range.

In addition, there are end caps of all sizes.


Flanged connections

Alvenius offers flanged adapters to easily connect the system to other types of pipe material and flanged valves.

All types of DIN and ANSI flanges in different pressure classes can be produced.

All flanged adapters can be supplied with the same surface coating as the rest of the system.



Bends are used when the angular tolerance of the coupling is insufficient.

Normally the following bend angles are stocked: 7.5˚, 11.25˚ or 15˚, 22.5˚ or 30˚ together with 45˚ and 90˚.

Bends are supplied with the same surface coatings as the rest of the system.



A wide range of straight T-pipes, reducing T-pipes and T-pipes with threaded outlets are included in the standard selection.

Forked pipes, which are T-pipes with a 45˚ branch, are also available.

T-pipes are supplied with the same surface coating as the rest of the system.


Welding rings

For special adaptation of piping components on site, loose welding rings of all dimensions are available.

Welding rings match the ends of the pipes and can be connected with the rest of the system.


Assembly aids

To facilitate assembly and guarantee maximum working life of the system, Alvenius provides assembly grease and protective tape.


Repair kit, CorroFlo®

Kit for surface repair of RocShield® and CorroFlo®-coated pipes and fittings.


Products overview drawings and CAD for download