Geothermal energy. EDC, Philippines

A large share of the Philippines’ energy production comes from ‘green’ sources, with by far the largest being geothermal energy. Boreholes as deep as several kilometres below ground are drilled to reach hot springs and produce geothermal power.

The transport of both water and air are central to the production of geothermal power.
Water is needed to cool the drilling rigs during the construction phase and then for cooling towers and condensers after commissioning. Water is routed to the plant while residual water is routed away and geothermal fluids are pumped through heat exchangers.

Having tested many different types of pipe over the years, including conventional steel pipes of considerably heavier weight as well as HDPE pipes with significantly smaller internal diameters that turn brittle at high temperatures, they concluded that Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are the most advantageous for this type of environment.


Size: 152 mm
Media: Water, residual water, geothermal fluids and air

100 km of pipes for drinking water and process water. Tirek-Amesmessa Gold Project, Algeria

At the beginning of 2006, ENOR Spa decided to intensify gold extraction at its Tirek and Amesmessa mines in Algeria.

One important part of the project was to supply the mines with drinking and process water via a 100 km long pipeline through the desert.

The pipeline solution posed two major challenges – a shortage of skilled workers for its installation and corrosive water.

Both were solved with Alvenius FlowMax® pipes, which use quick couplings for easy installation plus a corrosion-resistant CorroFlo® coating. What’s more, the low flow resistance of the FlowMax® pipes resulted in significant reductions in electricity consumption and a long and trouble-free service life.


Pipe types: Alvenius FlowMax®
Sizes: 6″ (more than 100 km of pipe)
Surface coating: CorroFlo®
Media: Corrosive water

Pipe systems for the automotive industry

A carmaker had long experienced problems with the quality of its pipe systems, including corrosion.

The existing pipes were replaced with about 10,000 metres of FlowMax® pipes of different sizes for coolants, fire protection, process water and compressed air.

The FlowMax® pipes solved the corrosion problem and Alvenius is now one of the automotive group’s preferred suppliers.

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