Water & Wastewater

Distribution pipes for raw water. Halmstad.

In 2017, preparations were begun to alleviate any future problems with the water supply due to low groundwater levels. This made it necessary to look into alternative and temporary solutions for the drinking water supply.

Alvenius was commissioned to supply 3,600 metres of FlowMax® pipes in the size Ø 219 mm, as well as couplings and accessories.
All pipes and fittings are coated with both CorroFlo® and RocShield® for maximum corrosion protection and to minimize the risk of external damage during installation.

With its highly effective corrosion protection, the pipe system will deliver a long service life.
The 3,600-metre quick coupling FlowMax® system was quickly and easily installed by two fitters, without any machines or advanced tools – only socket wrenches were needed.
The entire installation, including all preparations, took less than 3 weeks.


Pipe length: 3,600 m
Size: 219 mm
Application: Distribution pipe
Media: Raw water

Drinking water pipes in Erfurt. Germany.

Schmidtstedter Knoten is an important road junction in Erfurt. Buried in the ground below Schmidtstedter Knoten are important water supply lines for the city of Erfurt.

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes and pipe fittings are equipped with CG rings with milled grooves for assembly using quick couplings. With these quick couplings, the entire assembly process could be finished in five days instead of the planned fourteen.
With the extremely low friction offered by Alvenius FlowMax® pipes, the large inner diameter and adaptations to actual water consumption levels, the size of the pipes could be reduced to DN 323 mm, despite a required final pressure of a maximum of 16 bar.
Alvenius FlowMax® pipes, couplings and pipe fittings are coated with CorroFlo® – a coating that offers maximum corrosion protection and is certified in accordance with C5-M.
FlowMax® pipes are considerably lighter than pipes produced using other materials as they are made of SSAB DOMEX 420 high-strength steel, which is spiral welded during the manufacturing process.
Due to thin walls and low weight, FlowMax® pipes are far easier to handle and install compared to conventional pipes.


400 metres of drinking water pipe, DN 323
Pressure rating 16 bar
Pipe fittings and couplings
CorroFlo®coatings, internal and external
Installation time five days

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