Fire Protection

Professional fire fighting in an aggressive environment

In the realm of fire protection, the stakes are invariably high, necessitating systems that are not just reliable but also resilient in the face of aggressive environments.

Alvenius stands at the forefront of this industry, delivering advanced fire-fighting systems crafted from robust Swedish steel, designed to safeguard both human lives and critical infrastructure.

Alvenius solutions are by far the best for extinguishing water in aggressive environments where you need 100% reliability and performance for decades to come. Our standard program comprises of self-draining pipe systems.

Our fire protection solutions have been developed to meet the stringent requirements of marine environments, which make them ideal for port facilities, paper mills, refineries, chemical plants, road tunnels, or any environment where stainless steel appears to be the only option.

Save up to 50% energy

FlowMax pipes with CorroFlo coating has unbeatable low flow resistance, maximum reliability, resistance to corrosion and aggressive media as well as a very long service life. Our solutions give you superb life cycle costs (LCC).

Alvenius piping solutions are designed to withstand higher pressures than other systems and offer significantly lower flow resistance.

  • Very smooth surface, Ra = 0.09-0.12
  • Low flow resistance Absolute roughness value,
    k = 0.05 (Colebrook-White),
    C = 150 (Hazen-Williams)

This means potential savings of up to 50% in energy consumption because the use of smaller pumps.

Or you can design the pipe system with a smaller diameter and still get the needed result.


Unparalleled Reliability in Aggressive Environments

Alvenius’s fire protection solutions are unparalleled, especially when it comes to extinguishing water applications in hostile settings.

These environments demand a level of reliability and performance that can stand the test of time, ensuring functionality and effectiveness for decades.

Developed with the rigorous conditions of marine environments in mind, our solutions are perfectly suited for a variety of challenging settings including port facilities, paper mills, refineries, the chemical industry, and tunnel constructions.

Historically, stainless steel was the material of choice for such applications, but Alvenius’s innovative solutions have set a new standard.

Fire protection - red pipes used for fire extinguishing

Ensuring Maximum Safety

Our fire protection systems feature an internal and external coating of CorroFlo, providing unmatched resistance against a myriad of environmental challenges.

This coating ensures exceptional corrosion resistance, while also providing protection against acidic and alkaline substances, chemicals, extreme weather conditions, and UV radiation.

The robustness of our systems ensures that even if the extinguishing system remains unused for extended periods, possibly with corrosive water inside, it will remain corrosion-free and ready to function at full capacity when needed.

Pipes coated with CorroFlo are non-conductive.

Fire protection in road tunnels

Alvenius specializes in providing steel piping solutions for fire protection specifically tailored for road tunnels.

These environments are incredibly demanding, requiring systems that can protect both human life and property under extreme conditions.

Our solutions are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of marine environments, making them an ideal choice for road tunnels, where stainless steel used to be the only alternative.

Surface coating protects against corrosion and wear

Piping systems are used in tough conditions. Alvenius FlowMax® piping systems are supplied with a suitable surface coating for maximum service life.

No matter what media you pump in your piping system, a surface coating enhances the performance dramatically.

Reference cases

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