Streamlined Mining Operations with Alvenius Steel Pipes

Quick and easy assembly and disassembly. Light weight and durable steel pipe solutions for problem-free mining production.

In the demanding world of mining, efficiency and durability are key. Alvenius provides steel pipe solutions that are not only lightweight and robust but also designed for simple and rapid assembly and disassembly, facilitating a problem-free mining production process.

Low flow resistance

FlowMax pipes with CorroFlo coating have unbeatable low flow resistance and fricton.

  • Very smooth surface, Ra = 0.09-0.12
  • Low flow resistance Roughness, k = 0.05 (Colebrook-White), C=150 (Hazen-Williams)

This means potential savings of up to 50% in energy consumption because the use of smaller pumps.

Or you can design the pipe system with a smaller diameter and still get the needed result.


Ten times faster assembly

The assembly process in mining can often be a time-consuming task, but with Alvenius’s system, it becomes a swift and straightforward operation, without hot work.

The need for welding, special tools, and extensive training is completely eliminated. With just pipes, gaskets, couplings, and a box spanner, the assembly is accelerated to at least ten times faster than traditional methods.

This efficiency gain is not only limited to assembly but extends to maintenance and repair times, improving the overall ergonomics for fitters and optimizing transport logistics.

Durable pipes for a tough environment

Tough environment, tough conditions, maximum operating reliability and simple installation.

The complete steel pipe systems from Alvenius transports all types of media from pumping stations to mine sites. It is the unbeatable solution for the mining industry.

Alvenius offers solutions for pumping air, water or various types of slurry, whatever the level difference.

Our corrosion protected steel pipe system provides a complete solution based on solid expertise. Alvenius solutions are available in both low- and high-pressure systems.

Two men inside tunneling project looking at heavy equipment

Comprehensive Solutions for the Mining Industry

Alvenius offers a range of solutions tailored for the mining industry, accommodating both low- and high-pressure systems up to 100 bar.

This versatility ensures that Alvenius’s solutions can be adapted to any mining operation’s needs, whether it’s pumping air, water, or slurry.

The company’s extensive expertise and knowledge are encapsulated in these complete solutions, making Alvenius a trusted partner in the mining sector.

Enhanced Installation and Maintenance Efficiency

The ease of handling during installation, assembly, and disassembly translates into shorter maintenance and repair times.

This not only improves the ergonomics for fitters, making their work less physically demanding, but also reduces downtime in mining operations, leading to increased productivity.

The optimized transport of these lightweight yet durable pipes ensures that they can be easily moved and installed in the challenging terrain of a mine, further enhancing operational efficiency.

• Easy to handle during installation, assembly and disassembly
• Shorter maintenance and repair times
• Improved ergonomics for fitters
• Optimized transport

Reference cases

Boliden Aitik Mine

The Aitik mine is one of Europe’s largest producers of copper, and also a major producer of gold and silver. Aitik is an open-pit mine, situated near Gällivare in the northern part of Sweden, it mines some 18 million tonnes of ore annually.
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