Snow Making

Enhanced Snow Production with Alvenius Steel Pipes

Alvenius’ quick-coupled steel pipe system has all the properties needed for snowmaking in the most cost-effective way. The complete FlowMax system meets the requirement of maximum reliability and easy installation.

Alvenius offers steel pipe systems that are not only tough but also designed for quick installation, enabling ski resorts and winter sports facilities to produce more snow in less time.

These systems are crucial for creating ideal conditions on slopes, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience for winter sports enthusiasts.

Save up to 50% energy

FlowMax pipes with CorroFlo coating has unbeatable low flow resistance, maximum reliability, resistance to corrosion and aggressive media as well as a very long service life. Our solutions give you superb life cycle costs (LCC).

Alvenius piping solutions are designed to withstand higher pressures than other systems and offer significantly lower flow resistance.

  • Very smooth surface, Ra = 0.09-0.12
  • Low flow resistance Absolute roughness value,
    k = 0.05 (Colebrook-White),
    C = 150 (Hazen-Williams)

This means potential savings of up to 50% in energy consumption because the use of smaller pumps.

Or you can design the pipe system with a smaller diameter and still get the needed result.


Installation is a walk in the park

Whether outfitting alpine slopes or cross-country trails, the installation of a snowmaking system is streamlined with Alvenius’s FlowMax.

This complete system includes pipes and fittings engineered to maximize the performance of pumps and snow guns.

The low weight of FlowMax pipes facilitates easy handling during installation, and the quick-coupling connections allow for angular deflection, accommodating the varied terrain of winter sports venues.

The elimination of welding from the installation process translates to significant time and cost savings, making the setup of snowmaking systems more efficient than ever.

New pipes being placed in the ground

Cost-Effective Operation with FlowMax

The FlowMax pipes present several financial advantages that make them a smart choice for snowmaking.

Their large internal diameter, coupled with a CorroFlo thermoplastic coating, results in low flow resistance and reduced pressure losses.

This efficient design means that smaller or fewer pumps can be used, or pipes with a smaller diameter can be selected, without compromising on performance.

The result is a cost-effective system that saves on both initial investment and operational expenses, providing a financially sound solution for snow production needs.

Alvenius FlowMax: The Smart Choice for Snowmaking

Alvenius’s FlowMax system is the smart choice for snowmaking operations seeking to enhance their efficiency and reduce costs.

By optimizing the flow characteristics and reducing the need for heavy machinery, FlowMax pipes enable snowmaking facilities to operate more sustainably and economically.

This innovative approach to snow production ensures that ski resorts and winter sports facilities can provide the best possible conditions for their customers while also managing their resources effectively.

Alvenius FlowMax pipes have several cost-saving advantages:

  • More pipes per transport to the ski resort
  • More pipes per helicopter lift up to the ski slope
  • No or smaller lifting equipment at the pipe trench
  • Surface coating provides ultimate protection against corrosion and wear

Surface coating protects against corrosion and wear

Piping systems are used in tough conditions. Alvenius FlowMax® piping systems are supplied with a suitable surface coating for maximum service life.

No matter what media you pump in your piping system, a surface coating enhances the performance dramatically.

Reference cases

Holmenkollen, Oslo

Oslo has a long tradition as a winter sports venue. Already in 1892 the first ski jumping competitions were held in the Norwegian capital, Holmenkollen has the oldest ski jump in the world.
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