Water Supply

Optimized Water Supply Systems

The optimal system for culvert installed water and wastewater applications. It is reliable, light weight, space-saving, fireproof, and easy-to-install.

In the realm of water supply, finding the right pipe solution is crucial for the efficiency and longevity of the system.

Alvenius offers an optimal solution for culvert-mounted VA (water and sewerage) systems with its steel pipe system.

This system is not only 100% fireproof but also boasts a combination of strength, lightness, and rapid installation, making it an ideal choice for modern infrastructure needs.

Save up to 50% energy

FlowMax pipes with CorroFlo coating has unbeatable low flow resistance, maximum reliability, resistance to corrosion and aggressive media as well as a very long service life. Our solutions give you superb life cycle costs (LCC).

Alvenius piping solutions are designed to withstand higher pressures than other systems and offer significantly lower flow resistance.

  • Very smooth surface, Ra = 0.09-0.12
  • Low flow resistance Absolute roughness value,
    k = 0.05 (Colebrook-White),
    C = 150 (Hazen-Williams)

This means potential savings of up to 50% in energy consumption because the use of smaller pumps.

Or you can design the pipe system with a smaller diameter and still get the needed result.


Ten times faster assembly

The assembly process in mining can often be a time-consuming task, but with Alvenius’s system, it becomes a swift and straightforward operation, without hot work.

The need for welding, special tools, and extensive training is completely eliminated. With just pipes, gaskets, couplings, and a box spanner, the assembly is accelerated to at least ten times faster than traditional methods.

This efficiency gain is not only limited to assembly but extends to maintenance and repair times, improving the overall ergonomics for fitters and optimizing transport logistics.

Efficiency in Handling and Installation

The FlowMax pipes by Alvenius redefine ease of handling due to their low weight, which significantly simplifies the installation process.

The well-proven quick couplings are a testament to the system’s design for quick, safe, and easy installation.

The absence of preparatory work on the pipe ends, the elimination of special tools and training, and the non-reliance on welding contribute to a considerable reduction in installation time.

Developed for long service life

When it comes to water supply systems, the investment is substantial, and the expectations for durability and service life are high.

Alvenius’s FlowMax is engineered to exceed these expectations, with a future-oriented design that incorporates high-strength steel, CorroFlo coating, and various coupling types to ensure long-term dependability.

The precise tolerance specifications are key to eliminating leaks at joints and maintaining the mechanical properties over time. Moreover, the inherent fireproof quality of steel pipes adds an extra layer of security and longevity to the system.

A water supply system designed for the future

Alvenius empowers you to design a water and sewerage system that accommodates future growth, such as the expansion of a residential area or an increase in water consumers.

This forward-thinking approach eliminates the need for over-dimensioning at the design stage. Instead, you can specify a system that meets current requirements and simply increase the flow capacity when needed.

With Alvenius, you can easily increase the flow in the piping system without the need to add additional pipelines or increase the dimension at the design stage.

This adaptability is made possible because Alvenius piping solutions are designed to withstand higher pressures than other systems and offer significantly lower flow resistance, ensuring a scalable and future-proof infrastructure.

Our system is designed for maximum adaptability with minimal pressure loss thanks to the low flow resistance.

Surface coating protects against corrosion and wear

Piping systems are used in tough conditions. Alvenius FlowMax piping systems are supplied with a suitable surface coating for maximum service life.

No matter what media you pump in your piping system, a surface coating enhances the performance dramatically. Especially for distribution of drinking water, where coating is a must.

Reference cases

Drinking water pipe replacement

The company SEVAB had to replace the old drinking water pipe made from Eternit in Strängnäs, Sweden. To minimise traffic disruption, it was important to use as short trenches as possible
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