Commited to doing our part

Alvenius pipes are made of 100% recyclable Swedish steel and all production is made with fossil-free energy.

We proudly source our steel from SSAB, one of the best iron ore-based steelmaking producers when it comes to CO2 efficiency. The steel is produced with 7% less CO2 emissions than the EU average which is coherent with Alvenius commitment to sustainability.

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We stand behind the quality and life cycle of our pipes. Alvenius offers cost-effective buybacks for diverse projects.

Our pipes are shipped back to our manufacturing facilities, inspected, refurbished and ready to be used again for new installations furthering our commitment on sustainability.

Save energy

Energy efficient media transport thanks to low friction in the pipes means less CO2 emissions. Because the FlowMax pipes has a CorroFlo coating, the inside surface is slippery, i.e. friction is reduced and the flow resistance is the lowest possible.

This means that our clients can save up to 50% in energy consumption by use of smaller pumps.

Low CO2 footprint - clean chemicals in different colours

Low CO2 footprint

As Alvenius works hard to reduce its environmental impact, it is natural for CorroFlo to meet a number of requirements that focus on our environment.

REACH (Regulation, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals, EC 1907/2006) defines a number of substances that should be avoided to minimise environmental impacts.

Consequently, CorroFlo is free from:

  • substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)
  • substances classed as Persistent,  Bioaccumulative, and/or Toxic (PBT)
  • substances classed as very Persistent and very Bioaccumulative (vPvB)
  • substances classed as carcinogenic category 1 or 2
  • substances classed as mutagenic category 1 or 2
  • substances classed as toxic for reproduction category 1 or 2
  • substances classed as endocrine disruptors perfluorooctane sulfonates (‘PFOS’)

CorroFlo does not contain any of the substances listed in BASTA/CPL. This means:

  • no lead
  • no mercury
  • no cadmium
  • no volatile organic compounds
  • no substances known to be very toxic to aquatic life
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