Why Alvenius

Made BY Sweden

We have chosen this wording to clarify that:

  • we are a Swedish company
  • all of our manufacturing takes place in Eskilstuna, Sweden
  • we use high-quality Swedish steel in our production.

It´s not a coincidence that Alvenius pipes are of the highest quality on the market. The pipes are made of steel from the Swedish company SSAB optimised for our specific requirements.

Save up to 50% energy

FlowMax pipes with CorroFlo coating has unbeatable low flow resistance, maximum reliability, resistance to corrosion and aggressive media as well as a very long service life. Our solutions give you superb life cycle costs (LCC).

Alvenius piping solutions are designed to withstand higher pressures than other systems and offer significantly lower flow resistance.

  • Very smooth surface, Ra = 0.09-0.12
  • Low flow resistance Absolute roughness value,
    k = 0.05 (Colebrook-White),
    C = 150 (Hazen-Williams)

This means potential savings of up to 50% in energy consumption because the use of smaller pumps.

Or you can design the pipe system with a smaller diameter and still get the needed result.


Low weight

Alvenius pipes weigh 30 – 50% less than standard tubes. This adds up to simplified handling with no heavy lifting, no heavy transports and eliminates the need for expensive cranes or excavators.

Transportation of the pipes means fewer heavy trucks on our roads – another gain for the environment.

Spirally welded, SSAB Domex®, steel

No other manufacturer offers the same combination of material strength, a very smooth surface and extremely thin walls without any loss of strength.

The thin walls means that the pipes have a significantly larger inner diameter compared to other types of pipes and materials.

Ten times faster assembly

The assembly process can often be a time-consuming task, but with Alvenius’s system, it becomes a swift and straightforward operation, without hot work.

The need for welding, special tools, and extensive training is completely eliminated. With just pipes, gaskets, couplings, and a box spanner, the assembly is accelerated to at least ten times faster than traditional methods.

This efficiency gain is not only limited to assembly but extends to maintenance and repair times, improving the overall ergonomics for fitters and optimizing transport logistics.

Inside that counts symbol

It´s the inside that counts

Thinner walls give a larger inner diameter. Because of the high-quality steel and the spiral welding technique, the pipes are lightweight and strong.

We use a thinner steel coil, which in turn gives you a pipe that has a larger inner diameter for the same outer diameter. Or you can keep a specified flow but reduce the outer dimension.

Certifications and norms

High quality is very important to us and our customers. Alvenius’ piping solutions meets our customers’ high demands and specifications.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) – 2014/68/EU
Requirements and Guidelines for pressurized systems

  • EN 13480 (Product standard – Design calculations, Material properties, Testing etc.)
  • EN 10217-1 or EN 10224 (Technical delivery conditions)


  • EN ISO 3834-2 (Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials)
  • EN ISO 15614-1 (WPS, Welding Process Specification)
  • EN 287-1 and EN 1418 (Qualification of welding operators)
  • EN ISO 5817 Level C (Visual control)
  • EN 12517-1 Level 2 (X-ray testing)

Surface treatment

  • DIN 30670 (Thermoplastic coating)
  • EN ISO 1461 (Hot dip galvanizing)

Alternate joining methods

Alvenius offers quick coupling systems in both metric and ISO standards for pressure from 16 bar up to over 100 bar. Different types of quick couplings are available, depending on the type of installation, the dimensions and the pressure rating.

They are available as rigid or flexible couplings with a wide range of rubber gaskets, depending on the application and the type of medium to be pumped.

Plane end coupling

Plain end couplings

Plain end couplings eliminate the need for any pipe end preparation and are available in different types, depending on the type of installation, the dimensions and the pressure rating.


Alvenius pipes are available with flanges welded onto the pipe ends. The flanges are available in ANSI and DIN standards with different pressure ratings.

Flanges coupling

Complete systems

System Alvenius includes everything needed to design an efficient, reliable pipe system with a long service life – pipes, couplings, valves, bends, T-pieces, transition pieces, threaded sockets, and so much more.

Flexibility and speed are keywords at Alvenius. Quite simply, you receive exactly what you need, no matter how large or small your need may be. Need small series? Then there are few manufacturers that can match us.

Joint deflection

The quick couplings are designed to ensure each joint can be deflected depending on the size of the coupling.

  • Grooved max deflection 1,93°
  • K10 max defflection 4,37°

This means the FlowMax® systems smoothly follows your needs and minimizes the use of bends.

New pipes being placed in the ground
Alvenius pipe welding machine

Spirally welded steel pipes

Spiral-welded steel pipes also retain their shape and stay straight during storage, transport, unloading and lifting. In other words – no risk of ovality or other distortions.

Alvenius pipes have a wall thickness from 1,25 to 6,3 mm.

Cut or roll grooved (ANSI/AWWA)

  • Working pressure up to 120 bar, 1740 psi
  • Dimensions from ØD 48,3 mm to 813 mm.

K10 (Alvenius shouldered)

  • Working pressure up to 40 bar, 580 psi
  • Dimensions from ØD 48,3 mm to 355,6 mm.

Pipe length

  • Corroflo pipes up to 6 m
  • HDG pipes up to 12 m depending on dimension

Surface coating protects against corrosion and wear

Piping systems are used for challenging conditions. Alvenius FlowMax piping systems are supplied with a suitable surface coating for maximum service life.

No matter what media you pump in your piping system, a surface coating enhances the performance significantly especially for drinking water distribution where coating is a necessity.

Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG)

Hot-Dip Galvanising is a method that provides long-term anticorrosion protection to steel via a coating of molten zinc. HDG has been used for over 150 years and is tried and tested in virtually every situation.

HDG is an ideal surface coating for pipes that may need to be dismantled and reassembled as it provides a highly robust surface layer. The pipes are highly resistant to impact, wear and harsh weather conditions. What’s more, the zinc layer “heals” if damaged.

CorroFlo® (thermoplastic coating)

Alvenius FlowMax pipes are coated both internally and externally with CorroFlo. These pipes are ideal for environments and applications where acidic water and aggressive chemicals are a problem.

Tests show that CorroFlo meets the requirements for the extremely demanding corrosion class SS‑EN ISO 12944 (C5). Independent tests indicate that the life of CorroFlo®-coated pipes is at least 75 years. (Testing Institute – University of Stuttgart. MPA Stuttgart, Otto-Graf-Institut).

FlowMax pipes with CorroFlo coating have unbeatable low flow resistance, and contributes to low energy consumption in the piping system.

The CorroFlo coating minimises the risk for build-up of deposits on the inside of the pipe.

  • Very smooth surface, Ra = 0.09-0.12
  • Low flow resistance, Roughness, k = 0.05 (Colebrook-White)


For extra-durable wear and impact protection, the external surface of the pipes can be treated with RocShield® on top of the CorroFlo® coating.

RocShield® is a 500 μm LDPE layer that offers extreme resistance, making it suitable for pipes used in exposed environments.

The surface structure with its good gripping properties also offers easier and safer handling.

Rubber lined internal surface

A surface coating that protects against corrosion and wear. For transportation of slurry and extremely abrasive media.

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Reference cases


Simple and quick assembly and disassembly. Light and tough steel pipe solutions for problem-free mining production.

Boliden Aitik Mine

The Aitik mine is one of Europe’s largest producers of copper, and also a major producer of gold and silver. Aitik is an open-pit mine, situated near Gällivare in the northern part of Sweden, it mines some 18 million tonnes of ore annually.

Fire Protection

Professional fire fighting in an aggressive environment. Tough fire-fighting systems made of Swedish steel that protect both life and infrastructure.

Arlanda Rail Link

The bridge and tunnel between Sweden and Denmark was ready in 1999. The fire protection pipe system was originally stainless steel but these pipes could not withstand the tough environment.


Durable, problem-free and light, steel pipe systems. For entrepreneurs who value good finances, good logistics, simplicity and security.

Crossrail London

Crossrail was one of the largest engineering projects in Europe. When it opened in 2018, Crossrail connected 37 stations.

Water Supply

The optimal pipe solution for culvert-mounted VA systems. 100% fireproof, strong, light and quick-to-install steel pipe system.

Drinking water pipe replacement

The company SEVAB had to replace the old drinking water pipe made from Eternit in Strängnäs, Sweden. To minimise traffic disruption, it was important to use as short trenches as possible

Industry Application

Problem-free, high-quality, tough and light steel pipe solutions. Adaptable and durable pipe systems for industrial production.

EDC, Geothermal Production Fields

Alvenius are the major supplier of steel pipes and fittings to the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) in the Philippines.

Snow Making

Tough and light steel pipe solutions for optimized snow production. Quick-mounted pipe systems that provide more snow in the same time.

Holmenkollen, Oslo

Oslo has a long tradition as a winter sports venue. Already in 1892 the first ski jumping competitions were held in the Norwegian capital, Holmenkollen has the oldest ski jump in the world.
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